Price Management. Simplified.

Nueprice is an industry pricing solution. It connects your entire infrastructure, minimizing your pricing task workload. We are focussed on spare parts and replacement parts pricing. We use best practice price logics with optimal price suggestion.

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Achieve your revenue targets:

You get more than just machine logic.


Craft the Perfect Price

We help you decide on a price with price suggestions and useful KPI. Out of the box nueprice supports mark-up pricing, target return pricing, perceived value pricing and going-rate pricing. Every pricing method and KPI can be customized to your needs. The whole process of the pricing gets documented for future reference.

Adjust your prices easily

Sometimes prices have to change. Recalculate prices automatically based on pricing methods or adjust them all manually. Or both. Before applying the new prices, you can run simulations and decide whether the change would be ideal for your business. Working together with other price managers is easy. No more sending Excel spreadsheets around.


Powerful Visualisations

We provide you with some great visualisations to help you get the most out of your data. This means hassle-free line, bar, bubble, polar, pie, donut and even scatter charts. Underlying data can be accessed with a simple click on the chart. As well as visualisations, quick calculations of key KPI are enabled at all times.

Our Services

You get more than just a piece of software.


We know that every customer is unique. Nueprice is flexible and expandable. We customize the software for your specific needs.

Integration into your IT

You probably already have extensive IT services. We import your data from any ERP system and export your new prices automatically. Perfect integration with your existing tools.

In the cloud or on the premises

You decide! Automatically receive the newest updates through the cloud or run nueprice behind your firewall. Either way, we take care of everything.


Software License from 24.980 per year
Connector Webservice (API) inclusive
Connector CSV/Excel inclusive
Remote Setup 2.450 once
Pricing Bootcamp (with professional pricing consultants): 12.450 once
Updates, Security updates:
per year

Add your own pricing logic

You will receive an individual offer for configuration and adaptation