Allocation of rights and documentation

By implementing the entire spare parts pricing process in nueprice, some sources of error, such as the use of outdated data or data loss during carryover, can be eliminated. Escalation rules determine the price release.

Nueprice also offers the possibility to link different users with different roles in the pricing process. Appropriate rights can also be linked to these. In this way, it can be ensured that, for example, only the admin may enter new users and articles as well as create new dimensions for mark-up pricing.

The price review function can also be used to involve an additional instance in important decision-making processes. If certain individually definable conditions occur, prices must be reviewed by another person before they are published. This person can be a colleague, but also the supervisor. In this way, a “four-eyes principle” can be ensured for critical prices and errors can be minimised.

Any changes and adjustments that the various users make in nueprice are automatically documented. For important changes, such as price adjustments, notes can also be stored. This means that decisions can also be traced later and no knowledge is lost.

This is the documentation of a price. All data entered in the price calculation mask can be retraced. The price was approved by a colleague before publication.