Price adaption

By processing large amounts of data more quickly, a lot of time can be saved and flexibility can be gained with regard to short-term adjustments. This becomes particularly clear when looking at the annual price adaptation and the systemic support provided by nueprice.

first step
Set goals

The first step is to define the goal of the price increase, for example a differentiated price increase of 2% on average.

second step
Receive new prices automatically

Based on this objectivenueprice calculates a new price for all items. In doing so, the software takes into account all pre-set price rules and adjusts the prices in a differentiated manner. 

third step
Top down review

Through a top down review, the responsible price manager can check the new pricing. For this purpose, nueprice allows analyses and adjustments at group and individual part level.

fourth step
Publish prices

After approval by the price managerthe prices are adopted and published.