Integration and implementation

To efficiently manage the prices of your spare parts, nueprice is linked to your central systems. Due to the automatic retrieval, the price managers can fully concentrate on their work within nueprice. nueprice was developed with the aim of being able to be integrated quickly and easily into different IT infrastructures. Therefore, we guarantee an efficient solution for your structures as well. The software is generally ready for use within two weeks of providing your data.

The implementation of nueprice follows a process that is closely coordinated between all stakeholders.

first step
Provision of nueprice

First, the cloud instance is configured according to your wishes and requirements. In parallel, the training of the key account users begins.

second step
Implementation of nueprice

Nueprice is connected to your central price database and/or your ERP system. 

third step
Parameterisation of the pricing logic

The parameters in the various ready-made pricing logics are set. The determination of these parameters is based on the individual requirements and goals of your company.

fourth step
Calibration of the price adjustment

The pricing strategy is implemented. In case of  very  complex  product  ranges  or  pricing  rulesthis can be done in stagesYou will receive intensive support during the introduction and go-live. 

fifth step
Continuous optimisation

The regular collection of user feedback guarantees the continuous improvement of the software.