Exploit the full profit potential of your spare parts portfolio.

For optimal pricing of your components and spare parts: Based on the extensive know-how and long track-record of Prof. Roll & Pastuch, one of the leading pricing consultancies in Germany, we offer the most efficient software solution for medium-sized businesses. And all this at a unique price-performance ratio.

Price quality

Optimal adaptation to market requirements improves both EBIT and price image


Significant reduction of costly manual effort, acceleration of pricing processes

Process reliability

Full documentation facilitates transparency and traceability

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Price quality

High performing spare part manufacturers/ suppliers generate about 20% higher contribution margins in the spare parts business than the industry average.
Learn more about the enormous EBIT-potential in our case study.


Consistent application of complex pricing rules

State-of-the-art pricing methods can be consistently applied to all spare parts with the help of nueprice. In this way, different methodological approaches can be used to set the optimal prices in each case and to make the best possible use of profit potential.

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Wide range of possibilities for simulation and review

With nueprice you receive the possibility to simulate different price- or price rule changes in detailed scenarios. This way, the right strategy for the respective situation can be defined in advance. The software also helps to analyse historical data and thus forms the base for future decisions.

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Benefit from Germany's pricing experts

The pricing experts at Prof. Roll & Pastuch – Management Consultants have incorporated their knowledge from numerous spare part pricing projects into nueprice. The focus is on the latest theoretical findings and correlations as well as practical applicability.

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Efficiency and process reliability

By consolidating the pricing process in nueprice, transparency can be increased for all parties involved. Processes are also simplified and accelerated. Generate better results with less effort.
Learn more about efficient pricing processes in our case study.


Higher flexibility

Nueprice is designed to process large amounts of data rapidly. Fixed price rules can be applied swiftly and easily. This does not only speeds up the annual price adaptation, but also offers the possibility to adjust spare parts prices continuously and at short notice.

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Audit-proof processes

The entire pricing process for your spare parts is implemented with nueprice. Time-consuming manual data exchange processes, for example via Excel, are a thing of the past. Escalation rules for secure process enforcement can be set. All processes and decisions are automatically documented.

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Impressive Visualisations

All tasks and functionalities are supported by appealing visualisations. With the help of the right presentation, you can easily generate detailed insights. Even complex interdependencies become quickly understandable.

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Nueprice speaks for itself

Take a look at some examples of what pricing of components and spare parts might look like at your company.

With nueprice, your spare parts pricing is not only based on the know-how of absolute pricing experts – the software offers you a customisable, easy-to-integrate solution that can be used both cloud-based and behind your firewall. This ensures effectiveness and efficiency in the long term.

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Learn how nueprice can be integrated into your business!